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Diversity Scholarship Application

Applications for the Briana Blackwelder Equal Access Scholarship Fund are due July 1, 2014.

MCU believes that all women who seek midwifery education should be able to access it. Unfortunately, too often, this is not a reality and midwifery education, along with the midwifery profession at-large, suffers without diverse communities and representation. We want to continue to be the change we wish to see in the midwifery community; therefore, we have created an initiative to broaden the cultural landscape of our college. As part of MCU’s Diversity Initiative, we have expanded the Briana Blackwelder Equal Access Scholarship Fund. The objective of this fund is to provide tuition scholarship support to women from underrepresented communities desiring an education in midwifery at MCU. Specifically, recipients of the Equal Access Scholarship will receive three semesters of tuition waivers with the option for continuation of the scholarship based upon continued eligibility for up to four years.

To apply for the Equal Access Scholarship Fund, please submit the following in a collated packet via email to The subject line should read “Equal Access Scholarship”. Please call the MCU office (801-649-5230) to confirm that your application has been received.

Application Packet Contents

  •  A two to three page single-spaced personal statement prepared by the student describing:
    • How  the student meets each of the above eligibility criteria, paying special attention to identification as an underrepresented minority
    • The importance of diversity in midwifery education and practice
    • What the student believes it takes to succeed as a midwifery student
    • Student’s professional goals as a midwife, especially as they relate to diversity and social justice in maternity care
    • Any barriers the student faces in pursuing a midwifery education that the student would like the Selection Committee to take under consideration
  • Two letters of reference describing the student’s demonstrated potential for success in higher-education and as a future practicing midwife
  • Current resume or Curriculum Vitae for the student
  • Statement of financial need:
    • Describe in a narrative style, no more than one page single-spaced,  financial need, expense to income ratio, and any other information the student would like the Selection Committee to take under consideration in demonstrating financial need

To see if you qualify, please visit the Briana Blackwelder Equal Access Scholarship Fund page for eligibility qualifications.

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