Undergraduate Student Application

This is the application for the Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BSM) program, the CPM-to-BSM program, and the Washington Bridging Program.


To complete this application you will need the following:

  • Names and phone numbers of two recommenders.
  • Two letters of recommendation in .doc or .pdf files available for upload from your computer.
  • If you are applying for financial aid, you will need to indicate that you have already filled out your fafsa at fafsa.gov and have listed Midwives College of Utah as one of your schools.
  • Names of every college that you have previously attended and will need to be able to indicate that you have already ordered your transcripts to be sent to office@midwifery.edu or mailed to: Midwives College of Utah, 1174 E. Graystone Way, Suite 2, Salt Lake City, UT 84106. PLEASE NOTE: Any colleges that are not listed on your application and/or we have not received official transcripts directly from the college by two weeks following the application deadline, will not be included in the transfer credit evaluation.
  • Electronic copies available on your computer for upload for all relevant trainings/certifications including: doula training/certification, childbirth education, lactation consultant, birth assistant, NRP/CPR, CPM/LM/CNM.


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By checking this box, I consent to do business electronically with Midwives College of Utah. I understand that student business will be conducted electronically such as (but not limited to) admissions, registration, Form 1098-T, collection notices, invoices, financial aid correspondence, general correspondence, assignment submission, feedback and grading.*


Previous Application/Enrollment

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Is English the primary language that you spoke in the home from the time you learned to speak through childhood?*

Do you speak any languages besides English?*

What are your religious or spiritual affiliations (optional)?

Race/Ethnicity (please check all that apply)*

Please identify any learning difficulties that may require accommodations.

Have you ever been declared mentally incompetent in a legal proceeding?*

Do you have any pending criminal charges against you or have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor other than traffic violations in federal, state, local, military, tribal court or another country?*

Has any government or regulatory agency ever found that you committed child abuse or neglect, elder abuse or neglect or misappropriated (improperly took or used) the property of a person or client?*

Are you planning to apply for Federal Financial Aid?*

Letters of Recommendation

Please provide the name and phone number for two recommenders and upload the corresponding two letters of recommendation. These letters must be provided by two independent individuals who are unrelated to you, who can identify your aptitude for rigorous academic study combined with the unique challenges associated with birth work. Please upload documents only in .doc or .pdf file format.

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Previous College Credits

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Training and Certifications

The following items are not required to be admitted to MCU, however, many of them strengthen your application. These items must be uploaded BEFORE the submission of your application in order for you to receive the additional rating points for having completed them.

Have you completed a doula training?*

Have you completed a childbirth education or birth assistant course?*

Proof of Lactation Consultant Certificate, if applicable (.doc or .pdf file format)

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Proof of CPM, LM and/or CNM status, if applicable (.doc or .pdf file format)

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Proof of NRP certification, if applicable (.doc or .pdf file format)

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Proof of CPR certification, if applicable (.doc or .pdf file format)

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Additional relevant certifications or trainings



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We value strong writing and creativity in our MCU curriculum. Please answer the following questions in an essay format with a maximum of 7,200 characters (not words). Feel free to use your own writing software to ensure that you send us your best effort. Once completed, your essay text should be pasted into the field below.

  • Why are you passionate about midwifery?
  • What have you already accomplished toward those goals (e.g., childbirth education, lactation education, doula work, volunteer work, community work)?
  • What are your plans to support and enhance your community? What has been your community involvement thus far?
  • Where do you see yourself as a midwife 10 years from now? What do you want your midwifery legacy to be?
  • Please tell us how your experience and exposure to birth has led you to apply to MCU?

What do you see as your most significant challenges, commitments and/or obstacles to completing your midwifery education and the significant demands of an on-call midwifery lifestyle? Discuss your plans for meeting these challenges.*

Tell us what you know about the current challenges and political landscape of midwifery and the CPM credential, including your familiarity with your state and the national midwifery organizations.*

Tell us about midwifery and birth in your community, and describe how you plan to be a midwifery leader and community builder within the midwifery profession.*

Tell us about your ability and skills that allow you to work with pregnant and birthing people and families whose belief systems are different than your own.*

MCU is a committed ally to all underrepresented people and families who seek access to midwifery care or who strive to become midwifery providers within their communities. Do you live within a region that has not traditionally had access to out of hospital birth midwifery care or are you a part of an underrepresented community or population that has not traditionally had access to out of hospital birth midwifery care? If so, please share your goals for serving this population.*


Experience and Clinical Opportunity

How many births have you attended? *

Have you identified possible clinical placements in your area?*

Are you currently working with a preceptor in your area? PLEASE NOTE: MCU does not require or recommend having a preceptor in place prior to beginning your academic studies. We encourage you to make connections within the midwifery community. However, there are numerous benefits to waiting to develop a formal clinical commitment until after the first several months to a year into the start date of the program. If you are already working with a preceptor in any capacity (assistant, PEP student, student), please answer yes to this question. Thank you.*

Do you intend to apply for life experience credit? PLEASE NOTE: The Portfolio Evaluation Process application must be submitted following notification that you have been accepted for admission. For more information regarding life experience credit, please visit our FAQ page located on www.midiwfery.edu*

Do you have or will you have a driver's license and access to reliable transportation once you are attending births?*


Distance Education

As a distance education program, we rely heavily on computer technology. Please describe your computer skills and ability to learn and adopt new technological skills (i.e. proficient in Microsoft Office/Adobe/email/web search/social media/uploading/downloading).*

Do you have access at home to a computer and high speed internet?*

Distance education requires that students are motivated and self-directed. Please describe a situation in which you demonstrated self-direction and personal motivation.*

How will you contribute to MCU's culture of midwifing midwives and the student community?*