Vaccine Information for Midwives


Vaccine Information for Midwives

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This course will prepare midwives to confidently add vaccine administration to their practice repertoire. This course covers the following for each of the immunogenic agents authorized for use by midwives

Mechanism of pharmacological action;
Therapeutic effects;
Side effects/adverse reactions;
Incompatibilities/drug interactions; and
Administration including:
Product form and packaging;
Onset of action;
Peak effect;
Duration of action/half-life Storage, transport and security; and

Midwives will learn how to

identify and respond appropriately to adverse reactions, including prevention, preparation, emergency management, documentation, and reporting protocols.
explain placental transfer of medication to the fetus and impact of immunogenic agents on fetal antibody formation.
describe and utilize best practice for drug administration including, location, injection practices, history taking and documentation, and follow all federal requirements for vaccine administration, storage, and handling.
Apply appropriate client counseling and informed consent practices.

This class qualifies for 2 MEAC contact hours or 0.2 CEU credits


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