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A Noble Calling By Lindy Casey …

We like to think that midwives are called to their profession. Through some series of events, experiences and observations we imagine a woman is struck by a spiritual lightning bolt that practically forces her to take on the mantle of midwife and begin trudging out into the night to the bedsides of women. If that is not your path, don’t fret. You are no less worthy of being a midwife than those of us who were dragged along, shaking in our Birkenstocks.

I met a young woman last week who is studying midwifery. Tanya is bright, funny and seems passionate about birth. I asked her what had brought her to this career choice.

Tanya has a two-year old daughter and her birth was filled with all the usual medical interventions. That’s not why she’s on this path. She told me she had decided to go back to college and in looking at her choices she saw a midwifery program and thought it looked interesting.

Her passion for the midwife model of care was born through her education, not a single inspiring event. She is a midwife being created, not in a blinding flash of awareness, but in a college through classes and the nurturing of her instructors. Maybe that’s just a more gentle calling.


One Response to A Noble Calling By Lindy Casey …

  1. Marias January 8, 2014 at 12:30 am #

    Wow! Just what I needed to hear right this moment. I even LOLed at the crack about shaking in Birkenstocks 🙂 It was so short and sweet that it was a pleasure to read. Thank you to author Nicole.

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