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Prenatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders

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Friday, April 26; 2pm - 6pm

Prenatal and postpartum mood disorders often carry shame and stigma. As care providers we have a unique role to play in our clients’ lives. We also have the opportunity to build trust that will enable the client to receive the support that they may not receive elsewhere. We want to approach these conversations and assessments with the skill, knowledge and preparation to assure excellent care. When unprepared our communication or inaction may inadvertently place the client at risk of harm. There are risk factors that make awareness of our biases a high priority. We may make assumptions about the lived experience of those who are at risk of marginalization within the dominant culture. 

We will address signs and symptoms of prenatal and postpartum mood disorders, explore evidence-based treatments within the scope of midwifery practice, common medications prescribed to clients by other clinicians. We will identify risk factors such as oppression and marginalization; socioeconomic status; and the impact of complex childhood trauma, sexual abuse, relationship stressors, intimate partner violence, and birth trauma on mental health. We will discuss assessment tools readily available to midwives.

This presentation will go beyond screening clients for postpartum depression. We will explore the signs and symptoms of preexisting conditions and prenatal and postpartum mood disorders that are subtle and often overlooked. We will address how to access effective resources for clients.

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