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Transport Skill Suite


Transport Skill Suite 00045

Thursday, August 23; 2pm - 6pm

Transports (4 hours)

Appropriate for Phase 2 (assist-level clinical) and beyond
Transports to hospital are not anyone’s favorite, but as midwives, what can we do to make them smoother, easier and safer for our clients, and relationship building for the receiving providers? This skill focuses on scenarios, physical skills and communication to set you up for “the best transport possible.” Skills listed below will be taught, practiced and evaluated in the workshop. Students who show competency in the skills can have them “signed off” by the instructor in the PSGM if desired.

Skills PSGM

5th ed

Skill Competencies


General Lifting Technique


Transport clients, provide care en route


Two-person Sheet Lift


Transport newborns as needed


This workshop price includes supplies but it does NOT include lunch.

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