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Venipuncture and Finger Pokes


Venipuncture and Finger Pokes 00070

Friday, April 26; 9am - 1pm
Venipunture and Fingerpokes

Appropriate for Phase 2 (assist level students) and practicing midwives

The description for this workshop is forthcoming

Skills listed below will be taught, practiced and evaluated in the workshop. Students who show competency in the skills can have them “signed off” by the instructor in the PSGM if desired.

Skills PSGM

5th ed

Skill Competencies


Venipuncture (syringe, vacutainer)-one method required


Order/Perform Lab tests (CBC, thyroid, urinalysis, chem panels)


Hemoglobin Analysis (any method)


Manage and or refer for gestational diabetes


Glucose Analysis (glucometer, dextrostix method not required)


Manage and or refer for GBS positive (vaginal rectal culture)


This workshop price includes supplies but it does NOT include lunch.

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