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Conference FAQ

Q: Can I bring my baby to class?

A: You are welcome to bring someone with you to care for your baby; your caregiver can bring your baby into the classroom for feedings. Along with MCU classes, there are other groups at the center holding sessions.  If your child is crying or would otherwise disturb those in session, your baby’s caregiver will need to take your baby to your room (if you are staying at the center) or somewhere outside of the center in order to assure that we do not disturb the quiet, meditative environment.

Q: What do I do if I am not taking a class one day but would like to have lunch with everyone else?

A: When you register, there is an option at the bottom to pay for lunch on the days that you are not taking a class.

Q: Where do I stay?

A: We recommend that you stay at the conference center with the other students. Click here to inquire about reservations.

Q: How do I find a roommate?

A: Send an email to the student Facebook group, put a post on the MCU Facebook page, send an email to the student body through the MCU messaging system, or ask your fellow students in your house or Peer Circle.

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