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Conference FAQ

  1. How do I register for the conference?

Conference registration is completed online through our web portal and can be found here.

  1. I am a student. What do I need to know before registering?

  1. Where can I find a schedule of the events?

Our Fall Conference Schedule can be found here.

  1. Who can attend the conference?

Anyone is welcome to attend. Our attendees are typically MCU students, midwife professionals, parents, doulas, and anyone in the midwifery community.

  1. What are the conference costs?

The actual workshops vary in pricing depending on the length of the workshop, supplies and other factors. Price per workshop can be found on the course descriptions page as well as on the registration page. Click here to be redirected to the course descriptions.

  1. What is included in the cost of registration? Are meals provided?

Conference class prices include lunch and a morning and afternoon snack with the exception of half day workshops which do not include lunch. Please inform the conference director of any food allergies or dietary restrictions at the time of registration. Downtown Salt Lake City has a vast array of wonderful restaurants, along with local stores and shops, within walking distance. For those staying at the ECCU, there is a kitchen available for your use.

  1. What are the registration deadlines and cancellation policies?

The deadline to register for the conference is August 6, 2017. The Early Registration Deadline for MCU affiliates is July 23, 2017.

If a student, because of extenuating circumstances, needs to cancel conference attendance and notifies MCU:

Before the registration deadline, they will be refunded 100% of the conference fee.
After the conference registration deadline, they will be refunded 25% of the conference fee.

  1. Where do I stay during the conference?

Accommodations are the responsibility of the attendee. The conference facility has limited accommodations available. Room rates are $75 per night for single, non-shared occupancy or $37.50 per night if shared. If individuals plan to share, they must provide their roommate’s name, phone number, and email address to complete the reservation. If shared lodging is requested and no roommate is assigned, the guest will be responsible for the outstanding balance due prior to the arrival date.

Fill out a Lodging Request for a room at the ECCU:

Additional options are available through vacation homes, where individuals can connect and rent a home or apartment.  Two such sites are and

  1. How do I find a roommate?

Send an email to the student Facebook group, put a post on the MCU Facebook page, send an email to the student body through the MCU messaging system, or ask your fellow students in your house or Peer Circle.

  1.  Where does the conference take place?

The conference takes place at the Wasatch Retreat and Conference Center at the Episcopal Church Center of Utah. It is conveniently located in downtown Salt Lake City, UT. The address is 75 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. They can be reached at 801-322-4131 or online at

  1.  How long does the conference last?

The upcoming Fall Conference begins Monday, August 21, 2017 and continues through Saturday, August 26, 2017. Conferences generally begin the Monday following winter and summer terms and continues through Saturday, lasting six days.

  1.  Do I have to attend every session or stay for the full period?

You are welcome to register for as many or as few workshops as you please.

  1.  When should I plan to arrive in Salt Lake City? When should I leave?

Salt Lake City has a wonderful downtown area with a lot to offer visitors including public transportation options. Stay for as long or as little as you like.

  1.  How long do the workshops last? And what time will the begin and end?

Registration and morning welcome at 8:30 am; 15-30 minutes long; Workshops are from 9 am-1 pm; lunch 1-2; 2-6pm; Full day workshops are 9-6 with 1hr break for lunch (can sometimes end early).

  1.  What supplies am I responsible for? Is there anything I need to bring to conference?

You will be notified beforehand for any courses which require bringing supplies. For the most part, you are not required to bring any special equipment and should only bring what you believe is necessary to enjoy the conference experience.

  1.  Can I bring my baby to conference sessions?

You are welcome to bring someone with you to care for your baby; your caregiver can bring your baby into the classroom for feedings. Along with MCU classes, there are other groups at the center holding sessions.  If your child is crying or would otherwise disturb those in session, your baby’s caregiver will need to take your baby to your room (if you are staying at the center) or somewhere outside of the center in order to assure that we do not disturb the quiet, meditative environment.

  1.  Can I park at the facility? How do I get there?

Parking at the facility is reserved for St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral activities and staff, conference instructors and housing guests. It is not available for conference attendees. Please review the following nearby public parking maps and information. Consider using public transportation, rideshare apps or cabs.   

Parking Lots Map

Public Parking Information

UTA Trax Park and Ride Lots

Taxi Companies:

City Wide Shuttle: 801-887-7792

Yellow Cab: 801-783-3563

City Cab: 801-363-5550

UTA Trax:

The Utah Transit Authority, UTA, provides a TRAX light rail system that runs all over Salt Lake City, including from the airport to Salt Lake City.  They also offer a fare free area in downtown Salt Lake City, and there are several free park & ride lots near the Trax stations.

The City Center stop on the green line is a short distance from the ECCU.  The UTA Lightrail Trax and FrontRunner systems are wonderful for anyone not staying at the ECCU.


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