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Earn your Bachelor or Master of Science degree and see why MCU is one of the most respected, MEAC-accredited distance education midwifery programs in the nation. The Fall 2021 Trimester application deadline is March 1, 2021.

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Student Council

Are you interested in representing your student peers’ voices? Are you interested in developing your leadership skills and experience? Are you interested in building a community of collaboration, connection, and problem solvers? Then the MCU Student Council is for you!


Students of the Midwives College of Utah know that their ideas, interests, and concerns are heard and advocated for. Communication between students and the Student Council is transparent and consistent. Students are made aware of outcomes, and see the results of the Student Council’s advocacy and representation. Students are aware of and use the vehicle for their voice to be heard.

The Student Council feels supported and included as an integral part of the MCU leadership team. Communication between MCU administration and the Student Council is timely and maintains a spirit of collaboration and problem-solving. The systems designed to support the Student Council’s advocacy process work smoothly and effectively.

The Student Council is an essential contributor to MCU’s culture of fostering Outwardness, Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability. The Student Council is a supportive voice in helping students practice the models and skills of Outward Mindset and Crucial Conversations. The Student Council is a role model in navigating conflict without losing connection.

Students feel more supported and resilient because of the connections they have with their MCU peers. By the time students graduate they have developed relationships that will extend into their professional lives. The Student Council provides and supports opportunities and environments that foster peer connection within the MCU student body.

It’s challenging, but fun to serve on the Student Council. Student representatives learn so much from their experience. The time and effort put into the work are well worth the benefits of experience and leadership development.


The Mission of the MCU Student Council is to (1) be the vehicle for student advocacy and representation, (2) contribute as a stakeholder to MCU’s decision making processes, (3) positively contribute to the MCU culture of fostering Outward Mindset and Crucial Conversations, and (4) build peer connection within the MCU student body.

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