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Student-centered, affordable, distance education programs for current and future CPMs

Available Programs

Whether you’re ready to enroll in a degree seeking program or want to take courses on a continuing education basis, Midwives College of Utah offers professional midwifery development opportunities in a user-friendly, interactive learning platform. 

Undergraduate Courses

MCU’s Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BSM) program, the CPM-to-BSM program are undergraduate pathways that meet and exceed the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council’s (MEAC) and the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) requirements. Our programming is flexible, affordable, and student-centered.

Graduate Courses

MCU’s Master of Science in Midwifery (MSM) program provides coursework in research methodologies, professional development topics, critical studies in midwifery care, and fieldwork-based experiential learning. The graduate program is designed for midwives looking to obtain advanced skills in one or more of our four areas of program distinction: midwifery research, midwifery outreach, midwifery policy, and midwifery education.

Continuing Education

MCU provides evidence-based academic and clinical training on a variety of topics for maternal and infant health providers, parents, and individuals interested in informed and empowered health care choices. Several courses offer CEUs that count towards the Midwifery Bridge Certificate and CPM Recertification.

News & Blog

MCU’s Strategic Plan: The Blueprint

MCU’s Strategic Plan: The Blueprint

Greetings MCU Stakeholder, The landscape of higher education, particularly midwifery education, is constantly evolving. Transformative ideas and state-of-the-art instruction are a necessity for developing midwives of excellence. For any higher education institution, the strategic plan serves as a blueprint for success despite external threats and adversity, while providing the framework for...

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Design Contest Swag available now!

Design Contest Swag available now!

MCU Student Council Design Contest Fundraiser: Here are the winners of the Student Council Swag Design contest!  These limited edition items will be available for purchase through April 5th.  After the fundraisers close, only one design, the design that received the most support, will continue to be available in MCU's Swag Store!  Additionally, the winning designer will receive a $50 prize!...

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MCU’s New Life Lessons Program: First Webinar 3/20/24 5pm MT

MCU’s New Life Lessons Program: First Webinar 3/20/24 5pm MT

Greetings, The Office of BIPOC Midwifery Impact is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Life Lessons Program Time: Mar 20, 2024 05:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)  Please share this information as this is the first of four discussions and keep reading below!!! Our first Life Lesson is with Phyllis Jeffers-Coly (600 CYT) who will join us to discuss CONFIDENCE and how it is a...

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Midwives College of Utah


Midwives College of Utah (MCU) provides an educational structure and an integrated learning environment for individuals to become midwives of technical expertise, professional excellence, and personal greatness—namely Midwives of Excellence.


MCU’s culture is inspired by the Midwives Model of Care, reflecting philosophies, skills and behavior in both the way we model and train our students.   What we teach and how we teach exemplifies what it means to be a midwife of excellence who is self-actualized and values courageous conversations and relationships built upon honesty and trust.  MCU delivers a Midwifery Model of Education; ultimately midwifing midwives through their educational journey and beyond.

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What can you expect

MCU is equal parts learning, equal parts experiencing

The program at MCU is divided into three phases:

Phase I Observe
Phase II Practice
Phase III Perfect

Distance Education

MCU is providing midwifery education wherever there is an internet connection! Our students are building electronic communities across platforms and geographies!

Community Leaders

Being a part of MCU means being a part of a community of midwifery leaders. MCU is committed to the vision that every family deserves a midwife. As U.S. rates of postpartum and infant mortality rise, especially in communities of color, the opportunity for well-educated, professional, and culturally competent midwives to better serve these communities grows. Our students are passionate about social justice and our training cultivates community leaders.

Prospective Students

Ask yourself where you want your journey to take you. With degree pathways as well as continuing education programs, MCU is ready to midwife you on your journey to becoming a Midwife of Excellence. For more information, fill out the form below!


Heather E.

I chose MCU for my midwifery education because I wanted to become a CPM and did not want to become a nurse. MCU is one of the few schools that offer a MEAC accredited degree in community midwifery. MCU is designed to teach midwives to work in community (out of hospital) settings, which is exactly what I wanted. The education I received at MCU taught me more than I needed to know to pass the NARM exam. It taught me critical thinking, evidence-based practice, and principles of social justice.

Jen S.

I chose MCU as my midwifery school because I feel the education given is superior to other midwifery schools I researched. I also feel that in receiving a degree, it makes my efforts to improve maternity care in this country to be taken more seriously by government officials and the public at large.

Leigh H.

By choosing to attend a traditional educational route that also intertwines clinical observation I will surpass the standard education. I will be able to research to gain credible information to share with clients as well as provide exceptional care. MCU will equip me with; communication, research,and marketing tools, anatomical and physiological knowledge and hands on clinical experience. Their model of teaching resonates with my passion for learning.

Kiona N.

I chose MCU because I truly wanted an education that fit well into my family life in addition to being a strong source of great education. Prior to choosing MCU I worked with MCU students that said the program was well worth all of the work that came with the degree and that they felt very supported throughout their journey of becoming a midwife. This is why I chose MCU and I agree that I feel supported and empowered through the education I am currently receiving.

Heather B.

I chose MCU largely based on the reputation with friends I respected. I also valued the ability to get a bachelors degree, as well as the flexibility to work around my busy life as a single mom and doula. Financial aid availability was another big factor in making it possible to afford to get my education on my limited budget. The quality and depth of the education has proven to be second to none and well worth the investment!

Rachel L

MCU is one of only a few schools that offers a bachelors and masters in midwifery. In a world of credentials, the arts are being lost. MCU offered me another path to professionalism without losing my passion for the art and traditionalism of midwifery. I could not personally blend my passion for midwifery into the medical path of becoming a midwife; I knew if I followed that path my spirits would be broken. MCU is enabling me to entrench myself in pure midwifery in every subject.