Resources and tools for MCU’s course enrollment and related processes.

Course Registration
Dates and Deadlines

Students are responsible for monitoring enrollment, credit hours, and completion of courses per graduation requirements. Course enrollment changes can be made during the Add/Drop period or the Course Enrollment Period.  Please review the Academic Calendar or Student Handbook for more information on the Course Add/Drop and Enrollment deadlines.

Course Add/Drop: Students also  have the option to add or drop classes from the beginning of the trimester up to the end of the second week of the trimester with no penalty.


How to Enroll in Courses

Courses are self enroll with one exception: if you are a brand new student, you will be working with the Registrar to enroll in your first trimester courses.  Undergraduate students who need support enrolling in courses should schedule an appointment with the Registrar

The courses students are enrolled in will automatically activate on the first day of the trimester according to their Course Enrollment Schedule.  Be sure to check prerequisites in the Student Handbook and the projected enrollment schedule (link below) for when courses are offered.


Course Enrollment Tutorials

Please watch this video to see a tutorial explaining how undergraduate students can enroll in courses and add or drop from classes using their MCU/Populi account.

In addition to the video tutorial, please review the following helpful information about the course enrollment process.

To access the Course Catalog visit:


Course Withdrawal/Course Extension Request Forms

Confirm that you have checked prerequisites, projected enrollment schedule and the enrollment calendar.  Review the Student Handbook for intersecting policies.

Request an extension for PROD 1000 (must be signed in to your email address)
PROD 1000 Extension Request Form

Withdrawal Requests: weeks 3-12
Submit Withdrawal Form

Extension Requests: weeks 12-14
Submit Extension Form

Projected Enrollment Schedule

These courses are expected to run as follows, but are subject to change.  When requesting to enroll, Add/Drop, or withdraw from courses, this spreadsheet may serve as a guide.

Pass/Fail Grade Option for Students

Pass/fail grading option is an alternative to the standard letter grade system.  The pass/fail grading option is instituted at MCU to encourage students to take classes outside their area of expertise to broaden their midwifery education.

If the pass/fail grade option is selected by a student, a passing grade is included in their credits completed, but the class grade does not impact their GPA. However, it is important to be aware that a failing grade DOES get calculated as 0.00 into their GPA and credits attempted.  As such MCU would recommend a withdrawal from classes where the student does not anticipate a passing grade.

Before submitting a request, please review the policy details located in the Student Handbook.

Leave of Absence & Time Out Requests

In order to request a Leave of Absence (LOA), please review the LOA policy in the Student Handbook then schedule an appointment with the Registrar. This is only applicable to degree seeking students.


In order to request a Timeout, please review the policy in the Student Handbook then schedule an appointment with the Registrar.


Program Deadline Details

Please review the Program Deadline Details in the Student Handbook and then fill out and submit the request form below.

Transcripts & Records

Official transcripts may be obtained by submitting a transcript request through Populi. To submit a request, login to Populi and go to your profile. Go to the “Student” tab. Under the “Transcript” tab, there is a dropdown menu labeled “Transcript Actions”. Click on the “Official Transcript Request” and fill out the form. If you have any questions or no longer have a Populi account, please email the Registrar at

Course Mapping Tools

Here are degree planning templates and example layouts

In order to access these tools, you must be signed in to your account!  If you are unable to access any of these links, the first step to trouble shoot is to sign out of any gmail accounts and sign back in to your @midwifery account.  If you are still having issues and you are sure that your @midwifery account is the only one you are signed into on the browser you are using, then clear cache and try again.

Each of these links will automatically open the option to COPY to Edit.  This enables you make a version tailored to you.  Be sure to use the correct template for the program you are enrolled in.


For current CPMs enrolled in the CPM to BSM program, access *DIY CPM.BSM Degree Planning Template: CLICK HERE

For students with an ASM from MCU enrolled in the ASM to BSM program, access *DIY ASM.BSM Degree Planning Template: CLICK HERE

For BSM program students, access *DIY Primary BSM Degree Planning Template: CLICK HERE

Layout Examples

CPM to BSM MM Layout Example: CLICK HERE

ASM to BSM MM Layout Example: CLICK HERE

BSM MM Layout Example 20-30 hours a week of dedicated study time: CLICK HERE

BSM MM Layout Example 30-40 hours a week of dedicated study time: CLICK HERE

Financial Aid Resources

Please refer to MCU’s Student Financial Aid Resource page to access information about SAP, Financial Aid Forms, Policies and Procedures, FAQs and who to contact. It is for users only, so students must be logged in with their school email to view.



Graduation Application Form

After passing your NARM or MCU Comprehensive exam milestone, use the Graduation Application Form to begin your graduation processing.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is currently $2,520 per trimester and it is due on the 1st day of the trimester. Annual Student Fees are $375 per year and are assessed every year on January 1st or the 1st day of the student’s first trimester. A monthly payment plan is available breaking tuition and fees into 4 equal payments due on the first of each month of the trimester. Email to request it.