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Resources and tools for MCU’s course enrollment and related processes. 

Course Registration
Dates and Deadlines

Students are responsible for monitoring enrollment, credit hours, and completion of courses per graduation requirements. The Add/Drop period is the first and second week of the term.  Major Map adjustments for upcoming trimesters are available for a 4-week period of each trimester in weeks


How to Enroll in Courses

Students will automatically be enrolled in courses on the first day of the trimester according to the outline of their Major Map. To adjust your Major Map layout three terms in advance use: This Major Map Scheduling Request Form.  Be sure to check pre-requisites and course offerings in the Student Handbook and review the textbook list.

Projected Enrollment Schedule

These courses are expected to run as follows, but are subject to change. When requesting extensions or adjusting your Major Map, this spreadsheet may serve as a guide. 


Course Add/Drop/ Withdraw/ Course Extension Request

Confirm that you have checked prerequisites, projected enrollment schedule and the enrollment calendar. Please also review the Student Handbook for intersecting policies. 

Add/Drop Requests: week 1-2
Withdrawal Requests: weeks 3-8
Extension Requests: weeks 9-14

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is currently $2,420 per trimester and it is due on the 1st day of the trimester. Annual Student Fees are $375 per year and are assessed every year on January 1st or the 1st day of the student’s first trimester. A monthly Student Payment Plan is available breaking tuition into 4 equal payments of $605 due on the first of each month of the trimester. 


Leave of Absence

In order to request a Leave of Absence (LoA), please review the LoA policy in Student Handbook then schedule an appointment with the Registrar. This is only applicable to degree seeking students.


In order to request a Time Out, please review the policy in the Student Handbook then schedule an appointment with the Registrar.


Program Deadline Details

Please review the Deadline Details in the Student Handbook and submit then fill out the below request form.


Graduation Application Form

After passing your NARM or MCU Comprehensive exam milestone, use the Graduation Application Form to begin your graduation processing. 

Financial Aid Resources

Please refer to MCU’s Student Financial Aid Resource page to access information about SAP, Financial Aid Forms, Policies and Procedures, FAQs and who to contact. It is for users only, so students must be logged in with their school email to view.


Transcripts & Records

Official transcripts may be obtained by submitting a signed request to the Registrar by mail to Midwives College of Utah, 1174 East Graystone Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84106. You can also request transcripts online in SIS.

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