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The profession of midwifery relies heavily on practicing midwives to share the skills, values and clinical knowledge to the next generation of midwives. The Midwives College of Utah approves volunteer preceptors for instructing distance education students through their clinical work. This instruction is varied and includes direct instruction, modeling, coaching, and facilitation.


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Contact our Preceptor Liaison, Jenny Schultz, at — you must be an MCU approved preceptor to join.

Social Media Policy for Midwives College of Utah Students/Faculty:

To connect with MCU on social media, please join MCU’s Facebook page. Though there are other social media groups made up of past, present and aspiring MCU students, this is the only Facebook group moderated, for accuracy, by MCU staff.

With exception is The MCU Preceptor Network, which is a closed group specifically designed to enhance the MCU preceptor experience and connection.

We expect social media posts by MCU faculty, students and staff to be in alignment with the Student Code of Conduct which provides an agreed-upon set of expectations designed to encourage and enforce responsible and respectful behavior in the larger community setting, thus serving as a mechanism by which to positively impact the entire profession of midwifery.


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