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Academic Integration

Conference Information

MCU Student Conferences are held twice a year in April and August at the end of each semester in Salt Lake City, Utah. The eco-friendly, downtown Wasatch Retreat Center is the perfect facility for in-person, hands-on training from midwives and other healthcare specialists. The center also provides accommodations for out-of-town students. Attendees have the opportunity to learn and practice clinical skills in a safe learning environment. Integrated assessments, for any MCU student enrolled Fall 2016 Semester onward,  will also occur during each conference. In addition, the opportunity to socialize with other MCU students, instructors, midwives and MCU staff is an invaluable experience. This connection–a literal sense of place–opens the door to expanded relationships with peers and mentors. Many attendees report that conference changed their perspective as they recognized their unique place in the larger MCU community.

Classes are designed to supplement education for all ranges of experience. Throughout the week, new and seasoned midwives, students, doulas and parents can find workshops suited to their educational desires. Conference schedules and class descriptions can help identify which classes work best for you; keep in mind that some classes require a prerequisite of skills and/or experiences.
Information regarding locations, meals, housing, parking and hosted activities are listed below.

Student and Academic Class Information

One reason students attend conference is to be able to work in the presence of classmates and an instructor–a welcome change for a distance education student. When you attend a conference session associated with an academic class, you may be able to complete some assignments for that class. Academic coursework can only be completed during the conference if a student chooses to sign up for a conference workshop in which they are enrolled the following semester. Keep in mind, however, that assignments completed at conference will only be applicable to the semester coursework directly following conference.  Please exercise good judgment and think carefully about which classes to register for as you consider your conference experience and commitment to finish your class within the semester you enroll.

Clinical workshops at conference are designed to introduce and teach clinical skills. Though linked with periods of care, they are not guaranteed to correspond to academic classes, but with labs and skill assessments. If you were accepted prior to Fall 2016, and you are enrolled in the clinical program, clinical skills can be assessed and possibly signed off at any time during your tenure as a student. You do not need to have your lab classes open in order to have skills signed off. Skills will only be signed off if the student can show competency in the skill. If it is your first time learning about and practicing a skill, you will most likely NOT be signed off.

If you were accepted in Fall 2016 or afterward, these workshops are designed to introduce you to the skills. After the workshop, you can practice the skills; when competent, you can register to take the appropriate skill assessment offered at in conjunction with MCU Student Conference.

Other Inquiries

Visit the Student Conference page for scheduled classes/workshops offered at the next conference. Other inquires should be directed to the Conference director at

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