Title IX

MCU takes Title IX seriously. Below you will find the procedure for filing a Title IX complaint at MCU. Additionally, you may choose to file a complaint directly with the Office of Civil Rights. Contact Masha Mesyef, Title IX Coordinator if you have any questions.

Complaint Form

What is Title IX?


As an educational institution that receives federal funds, MCU complies with and takes seriously the legal requirements of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, otherwise known as Title IX. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law that provides that:

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.” Essentially, Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex—including pregnancy, parenting and all related conditions, such as abortion—in educational programs and activities that get federal funding. Sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual violence and sexual assault, is a type of sex discrimination and is prohibited by Title IX and by MCU. Sexual misconduct can include sexual harassment, sexual assault, gender-based harassment, intimate partner violence, domestic violence and stalking.


Who is the Title IX Coordinator? Which Departments are involved?


Kristi Ridd-Young, President
Masha Mesyef, Title IX Coordinator
House Mentors
Student Services
Academic Dean


When Should I Contact a Title IX Coordinator?


Any student, faculty, administrator, staff member, or applicant for admission who has concerns about sex discrimination including sexual harassment, sexual violence, or sexual misconduct is encouraged to seek the assistance of a Title IX Coordinator.

For example, we encourage you to contact a Title IX Coordinator if you:


  • Wish to understand your options if you think you may have encountered sex discrimination or sexual misconduct
  • Learn of a situation that you feel may warrant a College investigation
  • Need help on how to handle a situation by which you are indirectly affected
  • Seek guidance on possible methods of de-escalating or alleviating a difficult situation
  • Have questions on MCU’s policies and procedures


This is not a substitute for contacting law enforcement! If you are in danger, please contact 911 and any other relevant emergency services immediately!



Who should use this form? 

This form should be used by any MCU Student, Faculty or Staff Member to notify the Title IX Coordinator of a possible violation of MCU’s Title IX Policy which covers sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, including but not limited to sexual violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence and domestic violence where an individual is participating in or is attempting to participate in an MCU education program or activity. If your report involves a different type of incident, please use the MCU GENERAL COMPLAINT FORM.


A formal complaint may be filed by the person who is alleged to be the victim of conduct that could constitute sexual harassment (“Complainant”), a witness to harassment (“Witness”) or by a concerned third party (“Reporter”) describing actions conducted by an individual affiliated by MCU–the individual who has been reported to be the perpetrator of conduct that could constitute sexual harassment (“Respondent”). The individual filing must describe the incident in their own words. The complaint may be filed on this site through the form portal below. Alternatively, a formal complaint can be sent via email or mail to MCU’s Title IX Coordinator. 

Upon receipt of a complaint, either through this page’s form or other method, the Title IX coordinator will speak with the Complainant and/or the Reporter to understand the allegations and any related conduct. During this time, the Complainant will be informed of their rights including, but not limited to, their right to supportive measures, confidentiality, written notice and the right to select an advisor of their choice. The Title IX Coordinator will also determine whether individualized interim measures are appropriate to parties involved in the alleged incident. These interim measures may include counseling, course-related adjustments, extensions of time, modifications of class schedules, restrictions on contact between the parties, leaves of absence, increased monitoring, or other similar accommodations. 

The Title IX Coordinator and any other appropriately appointed individual to facilitate the process will assess the facts presented to determine whether those facts, if true, would constitute a violation of MCU’s Title IX Policy. If this assessment determines that the facts would be a violation of Title IX, the Title IX Coordinator will notify the Complainant or Reporter and appropriate MCU officials to plan to investigate. An investigative team will be determined based on the nature of the circumstances and informed by federal requirements and administrative realities. 

The Title IX Coordinator will inform the Respondent of the pending allegations with supporting material, and the Respondent will be informed of their rights including, but not limited to, confidentiality, written notice and the right to select an advisor of their choice.

Unwilling Complainant: If the prospective Complainant is unwilling to participate or wishes to withdraw their complaint, the Title IX Coordinator and/or MCU may determine the severity of the harassment and the potential risk to others warrants an investigation. At that time, the Title IX Coordinator or designee will be considered the Complainant. 

If the facts as alleged do not amount to a violation of Title IX, the Complainant and/or Reporter will be notified that the complaint is administratively closed. This notification will include information on whether the matter is referred to a more appropriate MCU unit, department or administrator. If substantive and relevant new information arises within two weeks of closing the file, the Complainant or Reporter may request a reconsideration.

Respondent will be given instructions on how to file a Response, written in their own words, to MCU’s Title IX Coordinator. A copy of the Response and any supporting materials will be delivered to the Complainant by the Title IX Coordinator. 

The Investigative Team will collect documents, interview witnesses, and complete additional investigative tasks specific to the circumstances presented. The Preponderance of the Evidence standard will be applied. Separate interviews will be conducted with each party. If applicable, the parties may bring a Personal Advisor to their respective interviews, including, but not limited to, an MCU official, an attorney or an advocate. The parties will be given instructions on how to submit additional materials they believe may be relevant. Copies of these materials will be given to each party. 

Each party will have the opportunity for their advisor to ask the other party and any witnesses all relevant questions and follow-up questions with direct, oral, real time and relevant cross-examination to be conducted by the advisor and not by the party personally.  A transcript, audio or audiovisual recording will be made by MCU.

The Title IX Investigative Team will produce a Draft Report containing its determinations including its findings of facts. Copies will be given to both parties. Parties will be permitted to submit written responses to the Draft Report for the Investigative Team’s consideration within two weeks of receiving the Draft Report.

The Investigative Team will issue a Final Report and deliver copies to the parties as well as appropriate MCU officials. This Report will include finding of facts, application of the preponderance of evidence standard, conclusions and determinations as to whether there was a violation of MCU’s Title IX Policy. Where a violation is found, the Report will include recommended measures to address the effects of harassment, and eliminate and prevent recurrence.

Either party is within their rights to appeal the Final Report on the basis of either 1) a procedural error that would change the outcome of the decision or 2) additional substantive, relevant information priorly unavailable which may change the outcome of the investigation.  

If you have any questions before submitting this form, please contact titleix@midwifery.edu

Confidentiality Notice:

The Title IX Coordinator is determined to maintain your anonymity and confidentiality to the extent possible. Some information has to be shared for investigative purposes but it will be strictly on a need to know basis… This policy and statement will be expanded.

Title IX General Incident/Complaint Form

Please provide a detailed description of the allegation including the name(s) of each individual involved including individuals who may have witnessed the incident. Include the date, as much detail, in your own words, as you can provide, why you believe it was a violation of MCU’s Title IX Policy and whether you or the parties involved sought assistance with this matter with any MCU department or official. Lastly, include what remedy or redress you would like MCU to consider. Email any supporting documents to titleix@midwifery.edu