MCU Code of Conduct


As a community of scholars and midwives, the Midwives College of Utah affirms its commitment to the elimination of discrimination and the provision of equal opportunity for all. A key objective of the Midwives College of Utah is the creation and maintenance of a positive atmosphere of nondiscrimination in every phase and activity of College operations. Acts of discrimination, harassment, and insensitivity hurt and degrade all community members, whether target, perpetrator, or observer. Every member of the College community is expected to take responsibility for creating and maintaining a climate free of discrimination and harassment in keeping with MCU Code of Conduct and Community Rules of Caring.

Community Rules of Caring

The Midwives College of Utah strives for an intentional community by investing in life-giving, life-affirming, and life-sustaining relationships.  We recognize that a strong community is grown through conscious interaction with others and a commitment to the growth, development, and well-being of every other member of our community.  Ongoing critical self-reflection of our attitudes, behaviors, and values facilitates the organic growth of a thriving community.
  • When I bring forward a challenge, weakness, or problem, I will do my best to offer a solution and be willing to explore various ways to solve the problem.
  • In written and spoken communication, I agree to: a. engage respectfully, b. check my assumptions by asking questions, and c. speak for me (speak as “I” not “we”).
  • I honor difference as a community strength.
  • I will listen to and believe the lived experience of those who have historically experienced marginalization and/or oppression because of their race, immigrant status, income, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, family structure, and/or religion.
  • I remain curious about the lived experience behind our differences. I seek to hear and understand the message behind the words that are spoken.
  • I take personal responsibility for my words, actions, and inactions; I seek to understand their impact even when that differs from my intent.
  • I commit to actively cultivating an awareness of impact vs intent. When my action has a negative impact as determined by the person harmed, I will practice accountability. I will reflect on my action, constructively apologize, seek to repair the relationship by asking what the other needs, and enact behavior change that reflects those needs.
  • I commit to pursuing awareness of how my implicit biases and assumptions impact others and to resist those biases whenever possible.
  • I recognize that safety and comfort are two different things; I will lean into the discomfort that will occur during our anti-oppression work together.
  • I agree to do my own personal work to educate myself about social justice and equity issues. I commit to not burdening individuals from historically oppressed and marginalized communities by asking them to educate me about their cultural and identity experiences. MCU offers education, resources, and support for this work and encourages our community to access these resources.
  • I will cultivate and practice “space awareness” by being conscious of who is in the physical or virtual room and experiencing the impact of my words and actions.
  • I commit to the models of Outward Mindset and Crucial Conversations for navigating conversations and interpersonal relationships. I will not weaponize the community rules of caring for my own gain and comfort.