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Complaint Policy

Informal Complaints
MCU uses the models outlined in  Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, and The Outward Mindset in first seeking collaborative solutions between individuals and in guiding open dialogue around policies, processes, and structures. If these models do not work or there is a larger concern that cannot be resolved directly, the formal grievance process is a mechanism through which students, faculty members, preceptors, alumni, or staff members of the Midwives College of Utah (MCU) may be protected if there is misconduct on the part of a student, faculty member, preceptor, or staff member of MCU. 

Formal Grievance
Person(s) wishing to initiate a formal grievance will submit the grievance in writing to the MCU President. If the grievance involves the President, the grievance will be submitted to the MCU Board President.  The written grievance must describe the person(s) involved, the current status of the concern, and include documentation to support the claims of the grievance.  If the grievance is determined to fall within the scope of the Midwives College of Utah, the President will convene a Grievance Committee who will follow the procedures outlined in the MCU’s Grievance Policy.  The Policy allows for a fair, complete, and unbiased investigation and assures appropriate action is taken.  No discrimination or harassment of any of the involved parties will be tolerated.  Confidentiality of the proceedings and all involved parties will be maintained throughout the entire process.

MCU is committed to resolving all complaints by due process in a timely manner; as such, the grievance will be addressed within four weeks, and the Grievance Committee will make a final recommendation within six weeks of submission.  Complaints and resolutions will be logged in MCU’s Formal Complaint File and will be maintained for seven years.

The complaint process can be initiated by filling out this form.

Consumer Complaints
In the event that an issue with the school cannot be resolved through the processes noted above, the person has the right to contact MCU’s accrediting agency—The Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council (MEAC).

MEAC will review in a timely, fair and equitable manner any complaint it receives against an accredited institution or program that is related to MEAC standards or procedures. A person who wishes to submit a complaint to MEAC may do so by contacting:
Phone: 360-466-2080

Complaints against the College relating to fraud, false advertising or other deceptive practices can be filed with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection:

Department of Commerce, Division of Consumer Protection
Phone: 801-530-6001

Because Midwives College of Utah is a distance education program and a member of the State Authorization Reciprocity Act (SARA), students can file a complaint with their state’s enforcement authority (State Regulators/Student Consumer Completions) here.

Students residing in California can file a complaint by calling the California Department Consumer Information Center at (833) 942-1120 or online at this link.  

When making a complaint, remember:

  • Complaints should be fact-based and supported by dates, times, locations, witnesses, occurrences, etc. etc.
  • Confidentiality should be maintained throughout the complaint process.
  • Discussing the complaint with uninvolved individuals may generate harmful gossip.
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