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Complaint Policy

Informal Complaints
MCU encourages students to handle complaints as close to the source as possible. If a student has a grievance against the school or a member of faculty (including preceptors) or staff, the first step in resolution should be speaking with the relevant individual, department, or supervisor. This allows issues to be resolved more quickly by individuals with required expertise.

Formal Complaints
If a student is unsure how to approach a concern or an earlier complaint cannot be resolved informally, the student may initiate a formal complaint by submitting a written explanation of the grievance to the MCU President at  The written complaint must describe the person(s) involved, the current status of the concern, and steps taken to resolve the concern informally.

The President will review the complaint and determine its validity and gravity through as much investigation as is required. Investigation often means contacting the student for more details and then discussing the complaint with persons directly involved. The President will mediate complaint resolution and may choose to convene a Grievance Committee which will consist of three people. The committee will follow MCU’s Grievance Committee policy and procedure.

MCU is committed to resolving all complaints by due process in a timely manner; as such, the President will address formal complaints no later than 60 days.

Complaints and their resolutions will be logged in MCU’s Formal Complaint File and will be maintained for seven years. No discrimination or harassment of a student that has submitted a formal complaint will be tolerated.

Consumer Complaints

In the event that a student believes his or her issue with the school cannot be resolved through the complaint processes noted above, the student has the right to contact our accrediting agency—The Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council (MEAC)—and/or various state agencies.

MEAC will review in a timely, fair and equitable manner any complaint it receives against an accredited institution or program that is related to MEAC standards or procedures. Contact information for MEAC can be found at

A student who wishes to submit a complaint to the Utah Division of Consumer Protection may do so by contacting:

Department of Commerce, Division of Consumer Protection
Phone: 801-530-6001

When making a complaint, remember:

  • Complaints should be positive and constructive.
  • Generalizations are not as useful as facts supported by dates, times, locations etc.
  • Serious accusations should be supported with concrete examples.
  • Discussing the complaint with uninvolved individuals may generate harmful gossip.

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