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Academy of Continuing Education

Academy of Continuing Education

MCU is committed to “midwifing the midwife.”
Through our unique distance education platform,
we are able to provide evidence based education
to our students and now to any midwife with an
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Anti-hemorrhagic Medications

Instructor: Gina Gerboth, CPM

MCU’s Academy of Continuing Education is proud to offer a series of pharmacology courses to help midwives receive education on critical skills and meet licensing requirements.  The first of the series is Anti-hemmorrhagic Medications.  This course covers postpartum hemorrhage, pharmacodynamics/pharmacokinetics, and multiple medications (including Tranexamic Acid).

This course is approved by MEAC for 2 contact hours for 0.2 CEU credits

Introduction to OB/GYN Sonography

Instructor: Felicia Marki-Zay, CPM

Join us for Introduction to OB/GYN Sonography. This course will cover the basics of ultrasound devices, the types and parts of transducers, the difference between scanning planes, ultrasound physics, and how the ultrasound imaging process works overall. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to: summarize the bioeffects of ultrasound; understand ultrasound reports and discuss the results with their patients; create informed consent forms for clients; analyze an obstetric or gynecological report; and be able to describe the most important gynecological and obstetrical findings.

This course is approved by MEAC for 2.5 contact hours for 0.25 CEU credits


Midwifery Billing

Instructor: Crystal Ogle, CPM

This course provides students a general understanding of midwifery billing practices to better assist them in becoming successful in business as professional midwives. Students will enhance their knowledge of the various types of billing options available, health insurance industry practices and requirements, basic terms of the billing industry and the billing process, including basic insurance coding and filing of claims. This course is a must for those wanting to bill in their practices themselves but also important understanding for midwives who will be using a professional biller.

This course is approved by MEAC for 2.5 contact hours for 0.25 CEU credits


Prenatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders

Instructor: Mel Smith-Tourville, CPM

This course will delve into the signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and management of prenatal and postpartum mental health conditions. Prenatal and postpartum conditions addressed will include: prenatal depression, prenatal anxiety, postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, and postpartum psychosis. This course will discuss disparities for marginalized populations and how systemic isms may impact mental health. The student will develop the skills to practice effectively with clients who present with mental health disorders and to identify when to refer and when to transfer care.

This class qualifies for 2 MEAC contact hours or 0.2 CEU credits


Providing Safe and Respectful Care to LGBTQIA+ Families

Instructor: Mel Smith-Tourville, CPM

This course will delve deeper into providing high-quality exceptional care to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual individuals. We will spend time addressing the disparities and unique stressors that each of these populations may face in their day to day lives including during the pre-pregnancy planning, conception process, pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum period.

This class qualifies for 2 MEAC contact hours or 0.2 CEU credits


Sustainable Midwifery

Instructor: Madeline Murray, CPM

This course is designed to help midwives develop the skills to create long-lasting, enjoyable practices that can continue for many years all while not sacrificing their personal lives. Madeline believes that we should all be able to be great midwives but also have a life too! Not just for ourselves, but also for our clients! This course is  an introduction to that vision of sustainable midwifery. It will cover what sustainable midwifery means, why sustainable midwifery is so crucial to the health of women in America today and how to create sustainability in your own practice.

This class qualifies for 1 MEAC contact hours or 0.1 CEU credits


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