Transfer of Credit Policies

Transfer Credits and Accreditation

Credits completed at a direct entry midwifery program will not transfer to a CNM program at this time. Some colleges and universities have accepted direct entry midwifery program credits in the past, but this is not guaranteed. If you anticipate transferring credits or a degree to another institution, you should contact that institution directly regarding credit transferability. Direct entry midwifery programs that are accredited by the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC) will very often accept credits from other MEAC accredited schools. MCU is MEAC accredited and does accept other MEAC accredited schools transfer credits.

MCU will also accept credits from other institutions accredited by a US Department of Education recognized accrediting agency. Transfer credits must have a C grade or above. MCU follows a semester format and credits transferred from quarter and trimester systems will be reduced in value accordingly.