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Earn your Bachelor or Master of Science degree and see why MCU is one of the most respected, MEAC-accredited distance education midwifery programs in the nation. The Summer 2021 Trimester application deadline is November 2, 2020.

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Tuition and Payment Options

Cost of Program

Your Cost of Program (tuition) is $2,420 for each trimester you are enrolled at MCU with a maximum total cost (tuition) of $43,560.  The Cost of Program covers all credits enrolled in at the beginning of each trimester. You can take as few or as many credits as you wish each trimester you are enrolled; the faster you progress through the program, the more affordable your degree. You will be invoiced for the Cost of Program each trimester. The Cost of Program includes academic and clinical tuition only; all other fees must be paid when due.

Cost of Program and other fees may be raised periodically without notice.  Fees will be posted on the MCU website and in the MCU Student Handbook for the year of the student’s initial enrollment.  Tuition, fees, and additional costs are estimated as closely as possible in the MCU website and catalog.   Students must meet all agreed-upon financial obligations to the school as per the policy in the MCU catalog before being allowed to graduate or receive official transcripts.

Payment Options

Students may select between mailing in monthly/semester payments, paying by credit card, or automatically deducting the COP from a bank account.

Federal Financial Aid

Midwives College of Utah (MCU) is proud to offer its students Title IV Federal Student Aid. If you are interested in receiving Federal Student Aid, please visit our Financial Aid Information page for detailed information and instructions for applying.

Private Loan Options

We accept private education loans from an official lender of your choice.  Please contact VA and Private Loans for information regarding options for a private education loan.  Most private loans are subject to credit approval.

For Veterans

Midwives College of Utah’s Midwifery (AS, BS, MS) and Child Birth Educator (Certificate) programs are approved by the Department of Veteran Affairs’ Utah State Approving Agency for the education of veterans and other eligible persons. The authority for and conditions of Midwives College of Utah’s program approval are based in 38 CFR 42.4253 for accredited programs.

Students who qualify for the Post 9/11 GI Bill, or other chapters of VA educational benefits, must submit their Certificate of Eligibility to MCU’s School Certifying Official, Emily Rainey (VA and Private Loans Administrator).


To see a list of scholarship opportunities, visit our Scholarship Resources page.

Vocation Rehabilitation in each state may also have funds available for midwifery education.

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