Happy International Day of the MIDWIFE!

Birthing rights are HUMAN RIGHTs.

When a person is giving birth they are entitled to autonomy over their body and their baby. All parts of their care should include a chance for informed decision making and the right to refuse care, even in instances of emergency. Since birth is generally a normal, natural event occurring in healthy people, it should be the right of each birthing person to expect minimal medical intervention and a safe and healthy outcome. From reports of disrespectful, coercive and abusive treatment to being ignored when requesting help for life threatening complications, human rights are routinely violated during childbirth in the US–and that’s for the lucky ones who survive the experience.

The unfortunate truth is OVER HALF of all maternal deaths in the US are preventable.

Childbirth is one of the most unnecessarily dangerous things one can do in the United States.

The mortality rate for giving birth in America each year has nearly doubled in the last two decades. Worse still, Black birthing people are 3 to 4 times more likely to die during the childbearing year than their white counterparts. And in New York, black births are on average 12x more likely to result in death than white births.

Over 1/3 of all counties in the United States have no access to maternity care. The US is required not only to refrain from threatening or ending life, but also to promote conditions necessary for survival. This basic right is not being met in childbearing in the US.Midwifery care promotes healthy birth free from the aforementioned trauma. Midwifery care protects human rights by ensuring the birthing family is in charge of making personal decisions about their reproductive choices. Midwifery care improves outcomes and eliminates unnecessary medical interventions while preserving bodily autonomy and practicing informed consent. Midwifery care protects birthing rights as human rights.

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