MCU stands in solidarity with Indigenous people across the Americas by honoring and celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Monday, October 10th! We celebrate the resilience of the Indigenous people, recognizing the cultural contributions despite the harmful impacts of colonialism and genocide of the Native people of these lands. This is not only the time to celebrate resistance to assimilation and Columbus Day (Columbus actually never stepped foot in North America!), but also to immerse yourself in the knowledge of Indigenous peoples‘ heritage and traditions that will hopefully lend to us being better stewards of their lands that we occupy.

We hope you take this time off not to rest but to reflect and learn of the cultural contributions and sacrifices of Indigenous people. Here are some trivia questions that will help get you started on your quest for knowledge:

1)     What does Wutpaki mean in the Hopi language?

2)     The state of Oklahoma currently occupies the land of which Indigenous nation?

3)     During the War of 1812, who was the Indigenous chief of the Shawnee nation that resisted the United States encroachment of his people’s land?


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