Dear Students,


The ebbs and flows of college life as a student midwife can be a difficult experience for everyone, but the COVID-19 pandemic has presented many new and unique challenges. In spite of this we know that prioritizing (and nurturing) mental health has proven to be a necessity during the pandemic.


Since the start of the pandemic I’ve been hosting monthly moments of structured reflection in each Faculty and Staff meeting. As we close the first month of this new year (and a new term) I’m inviting you to take a moment to read the first Mental Health Matters newsletter, which is an extension of those monthly reflections but instead geared towards students. The goal of the messages in these newsletters: to participate in creating an environment at MCU that prioritizes and sustains mental health and wellness in small and large ways.


These monthly newsletters are one small way to offer succinct usable information about strategies for fostering good mental health. When paired with services like Care Solace, (Links to an external site.) we are hopeful that students are able to connect with the resources they need.


One of the best things we can do during this ongoing global crisis is come together as a community with love and support for each and every person. I hope you are doing well and getting the support you need. We are here for students as always.
Reach out if you need us.
Tamara Taitt, MS, LMFT, LM  Pronouns: she/her
Director of Student Life, Equity & Access
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January Mental Health Matters