Split the Pot FUNDRAISER!

Help us save lives one birth at a time while participating in an exciting fundraiser! To support the scholarship fund, we are running a Split the Pot fundraiser. All proceeds raised will be split between the scholarship and up to three lucky winners. You’ll have up to three chances to win cash!

How to participate:
When you purchase a bookmark for $5 you will be granted one entry to the Split the Pot fundraiser; if you purchase a sticker for $20 you will be granted five entries to Split the Pot; and a notebook purchased for $50 will grant you 15 entries to Split the Pot. Visit: midwives-college.square.site/shop/fundraising/9 to see all of your options at once. 

In addition to your purchase and the entries to win a cash prize, you will be helping MCU spread midwifery care to communities in the US that need it the most. MCU’s Briana Blackwelder Equal Access Scholarship Fund provides tuition relief for midwives for midwives serving medically underserved communities, extending culturally congruent, quality midwifery care services to families who would otherwise not have access to perinatal care.

How to Win!

There will be three chances to win: 1st prize will receive 25% of all Split the Pot proceeds, 2nd prize will receive 15% and the 3rd prize will win 10%
If we sell $1000, one drawing will yield $250; one will yield $150; and one will yield $100. Winning one drawing does not preclude you from winning another drawing!
Purchase to enter any number of these limited edition items to increase your chances to win: